All Municipal High Line Canal Signage

High Line Canal Signage

ArtHouse Design partnered with the High Line Canal Conservancy to design a cohesive signage and wayfinding system for the 71-mile linear trail that traverses the entirety of the Denver Metro area. From large map kiosks and trailhead signage to small interpretive signs, the ArtHouse team worked with the Conservancy and 11 different jurisdictions to create a connected and equitable visitor experience.


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ArtHouse, in conjunction with our partners Livable Cities and Agency, participated in numerous stakeholder meetings to gain valuable insight from a very engaged user group. Additionally, signage concepts were workshopped with multiple large municipalities and counties along the Canal, ensuring consistency across jurisdictions.

Once a final direction was agreed upon, ArtHouse utilized full-size mock-ups and smaller models to ensure appropriate scale and visual cohesion with the environment along the Canal trail.

Installation of the signage along the 71-mile long Canal trail began in 2021 and continues to be installed in phases across the remaining jurisdictions. ArtHouse looks forward to continued work with the Conservancy to oversee the remainder of the signage package across the entirety of this Denver Front Range treasure.