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Woodie Fisher Kitchen + Bar

Woodie Fisher Kitchen + Bar is a distinctive restaurant housed in the oldest building in Denver's Union Station neighborhood. With an iconic brand that bridges legacy and progress, ArtHouse imbued Woodie Fisher with new life after more than 100 years.


Denver, CO




Woodie Fisher Kitchen + Bar

Focus Properties

Davidson Hotels


Boss Architecture

Johnson Nathan Strobe




2020 Downtown Denver Partnership, Downtown Denver Award

2020 Graphis Design Annual, Silver Award

2019 City of Denver Mayor’s Design Awards, Back to the Future Category

2019 The One Club for Creativity – Denver Annual Show, Merit Award

ArtHouse Design worked closely with Focus Properties, Davidson Hotels and Boss Architecture to create an iconic brand experience for Woodie Fisher Kitchen + Bar. This innovative, fire-inspired eatery is housed in the oldest remaining building in Denver’s booming Union Station neighborhood. Due to its location, Woodie Fisher is surrounded by new buildings resulting from Denver’s building boom and needed an identity and brand that could assert its legacy while also being relevant and attractive to Denver’s visitors, natives and new residents in an area saturated with other dining options. ArtHouse worked with the project team to conduct extensive branding and positioning exercises to better tell the story of this historic structure and its bright future.

With an eye-catching brand that incorporates custom Victorian-style illustrations, modern typography and subtle nods to the building’s firefighting history, ArtHouse created a one-of-a-kind brand experience intended to delight and surprise tourists and locals alike. ArtHouse extended the new brand to every aspect of the customer experience including a fully custom website, signage, menus, coasters, matches and post cards. By incorporating crisp, white neon, brass, wood and pops of color, the brand is warm and inviting and elegantly bridges the past and the future. ArtHouse also developed the brand story, naming the iconic Dalmatian in the logo Red, for Redwood Fisher, one of Denver’s first fire foremen & linking each custom illustration with brand values.