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Whole Foods Market: Belmar

The Whole Foods Market in Lakewood’s Belmar shopping center is an important anchor for the local community and received an exciting and comprehensive redesign by the ArtHouse Design team.


Lakewood, CO




Whole Foods Market




2016 GDUSA American Package Design Awards, Award of Recognition

With a history closely tied to Italian culture and architecture, as well as to one of the nation’s oldest Victorian-era theme parks, Lakewood provided a rich aesthetic inspiration for the ArtHouse. Taking visual cues from carnivals, amusement parks and circuses, ArtHouse developed a cheery, upbeat feel to revitalize this store, adding a vibrant and welcoming feeling that starts in the underground parking garage and continues throughout. ArtHouse also incorporated copy and messaging that evokes the Italian heritage of the area, further contributing to the light-hearted, upbeat atmosphere of the store’s environment. With such a strong concept and visual direction, the team was able to design bright, eye-catching décor and signage.

Delightful surprises throughout the store include a beaming sun that greets visitors on arrival, balloon-like register lights and an intriguing combination of patterns, color and layering that can be found everywhere the eye lands. The ArtHouse team also incorporated several innovative and budget conscious material choices such as the use of protruding nails to create texture and pattern and by repurposing existing materials found throughout the store to capitalize on Whole Foods’ mission to be increasingly environmentally conscientious and sustainable. Subtle details like the ticket-shaped restroom and blade signs and carnivalesque typefaces help to tie everything together and create a fun, cheerful experience for patrons.