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Colorado State Capitol

The Colorado State Capitol is arguably Colorado's most iconic building and is famous for its official mile-high elevation marker. Colorado State Capitol staff determined that the historic building was difficult to navigate due to its architectural symmetry and changing uses throughout the year. Enter ArtHouse.


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State of Colorado



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2020 Transform Awards – North America, Gold Award – Signage & Wayfinding Best in Show

2021 Graphis Design Annual, Silver Award

2021 International Design Awards, Wayfinding & Environmental Graphics, Honorable Mention

2021 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards, Award of Recognition

After years of haphazard attempts to improve the wayfinding in the complex, layers of ineffective and confusing signage clutter had accumulated throughout. With lawmakers, lobbyists, staff, visitors, school groups and the public making use of the building in diverse ways throughout the year, the need for effective signage and wayfinding was especially pronounced. ArtHouse Design was selected to design and plan a successful suite of signage and wayfinding elements to help remedy these problems and add professionalism to communications in the building.

ArtHouse met with project stakeholders and conducted extensive visual, brand and positioning exercises to learn about the history of the building and hone the wayfinding’s eventual look and feel. ArtHouse researched the many ornate architectural details throughout the complex for inspiration and developed a design direction appropriate for such a grand setting. Key elements of the design came from this process, such as the use of gold inspired by the state’s history with the Gold Rush and the building’s famed gold dome. Other visual inspiration came from a scallop pattern adorning the risers of stairs throughout the building, as well as marble bases inspired by the massing and materiality of the iconic Colorado Rose Onyx wainscotting.