All Commercial + Mixed Use 1401 Lawrence

1401 Lawrence

1401 Lawrence is one of Denver’s newest Class AA premiere office buildings, rising to 21 stories and overlooking historic Larimer Square.


Denver, CO




First Gulf




Ad Light Group

“1401 Lawrence, a 310,00 square foot Class AA office building is an iconic addition to the City of Denver and required signage to suit. Your team has delivered service beyond expectation in achieving this level of standard. Many designers can create nice concepts; few follow the fabrication and installation closely to ensure a quality result. The entire 1401 Lawrence team thanks you for your team’s dedication and passion to signage on this project. The end results will also serve as a showpiece of your team’s ability to produce quality results.”

-Gregory Jones, Director of Development, First Gulf

This LEED Gold certified building brings high-end finishes, breathtaking views and an elegant, all glass façade to Downtown Denver, adding to the high-profile developments along 14th Street. ArtHouse joined the project team, led by Canadian developer First Gulf and architect and contractor Beck Group to brand the sophisticated tower in a tasteful and upscale way. Beginning with a simple identity, ArtHouse also designed interior and exterior signage, wayfinding and placemaking elements to add another layer of style to this impressive building.

Taking cues from the building finishes, including marble, granite, glass and wood, ArtHouse designed a glass monument sign that glows from within and acts as a beacon for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic along both 14th Street and Lawrence Street. Interior signage also picks up on the same motifs with glass ADA signage featuring a subtle marble texture, as well as an elegant stainless steel detail.

Garage supergraphics and exterior parking signage provide subtle brand consistency by using consistent typefaces and materials and provide clear and effective wayfinding for the eight-floor parking deck. ArtHouse also created tenant signage guidelines for this project to ensure that all current and future tenant signage meet the quality and design standards of this prominent development.