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University of Rochester Business Services Group

The University of Rochester Medical Center’s Business Services Group is the administrative nerve center of the campus’ medical facilities and hospitals (including the Strong Memorial Hospital and Golisano Children’s Hospital).


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Pierrepont Visual Graphics

Serving as the conduit for billing, human resources and other key administrative duties, the Business Services Group offices needed to be refreshed and revitalized to make the work environment more appealing to the people whose jobs are so critical to the function of the hospitals. As part of a comprehensive renovation, ArtHouse Design worked to infuse the office and communal spaces with color and eye-catching wall graphics that not only serve to brighten up the newly renovated corridors and open offices, but to enhance wayfinding.

Through a clever system of colors, associated different types of flowers and numbering, ArtHouse was able to integrate a clear and easy-to-use wayfinding system into the new supergraphics program. The idea of using flowers to identify different departments of the office space came from one of the City of Rochester’s well-known nicknames, the City of Flowers. ArtHouse incorporated flowers that are native to the Rochester and Western New York region in order to tie the new graphics to the local community