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CU Denver North Classroom Atrium

Large, Swiss-inspired typographic elements and tone-on-tone applications unite contemporary aesthetics with a functional wayfinding solution.


Denver, CO




University of Colorado Denver


AndersonMasonDale Architects


AdLight Group


2020 UCDA Design Competition, Award of Excellence

Originally built in the late 1980’s, the North Classroom building is home to roughly 80% of all the CU Denver classes held on the Auraria campus. Throughout the years, the building has undergone a variety of renovations, however, without a stategy to unify these updates, the renovations created disconnect and confusion throughout the space. In the spring of 2018, ArtHouse was asked to join AndersonMasonDale Architecture (AMD) to design and implement a cohesive wayfinding system that would connect their latest round of updates to the prior renovations and improve the navigational experience of the North Classroom building.

ArtHouse worked closely with AMD and the CU Denver team to develop a defined wayfinding strategy and improved signage system. Influenced by the International Typographic Style as well as the contemporary features found throughout the atrium, the design relies on the combination of systemized color and unique forms to provide an eye-catching visual experience. Specific iconography, directional maps, and activated entrances connect the atrium to the color themes used throughout the building.

Through the use of large typographic elements and tone-on-tone applications, the signage unites contemporary aesthetics with a functional wayfinding solution. As one of the most popular buildings on the Auraria campus, the North Classroom building has become a destination lounge and place of community for students and faculty alike.