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Lockheed Martin Visitor’s Center

Lockheed Martin, the American aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies giant, required extensive new design for a visitor center at their campus in Fort Worth, Texas.  


Houston, TX




Lockheed Martin

ArtHouse worked in collaboration with Michael Malone Architects to create murals, exhibits, informational graphics and interactive elements for this complex that is officially designated Air Force Plant 4 and is the manufacturing site for F-35 Lightning II and F-16 Fighting Falcon. The visitor center acts as both an educational resource for the public and an opportunity for Lockheed Martin to make presentations and showcase their work to potential clients. ArtHouse worked closely with a team of architects, pilots and 4-star generals to create highly informational and striking installations to highlight Lockheed’s innovative past.

This included everything from the highly detailed décor of the exhibits to the war-room that was inspired by the 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove. The creation of this award-winning exhibit helped Lockheed Martin win the $200-billion contract to design, build and manufacture the F-35 Lightning II through the Joint Strike Fighter development and acquisition program. ArtHouse received an Award of Recognition for their work on this project from the Art Directors Club of Denver in 1998.