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University of Colorado Boulder Village Center Dining Hall

ArtHouse Design created a unique signage program for the University of Colorado Boulder's Williams Village dining hall. Each each restaurant was imbued with its own inviting look and feel, with a friendly and contemporary theme that ties them all together.


Boulder, CO




University of Colorado Boulder


KSQ Architects



The University of Colorado Boulder’s Village Center Dining Hall is the latest addition to the Williams Village area of campus. This state-of-the-art dining and student life facility contains a student health center, UPS store, tutoring center and 9 distinct dining venues that serve a variety of international cuisines. The University of Colorado approached the design team, led by KSQ Architects, to create an environment where each venue has its own look and feel, with an inviting, and contemporary theme that ties them all together. ArtHouse designed custom signage for each venue using fresh typefaces, patterns and colors and using locally-sourced materials that have a Colorado influence such as beetle-kill pine.

Each venue was custom designed to relate directly to its respective food concept, allowing for the ArtHouse team to creatively differentiate each area for a visual effect that is both varied and enticing. ArtHouse created design solutions that wrap under soffits, around corners and have a strong impact from both far away and close up. ArtHouse also used illumination as a design element to tie the visitor experience together and to allow for the venues to be just as appealing in the evening as during the day. In addition to designing custom environmental signage and graphics for the dining hall, ArtHouse programmed the ADA and wayfinding signage based on the University of Colorado Boulder campus standards.