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ArtHouse Design created a new system of signage and campus wayfinding for Colorado College inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement.


Colorado Springs, CO




Colorado College

Landscape Architect


Colorado College has been nationally acclaimed as one of Colorado’s and the nation’s best schools, even making the reputed list of “Hidden Ivies.” In addition to several buildings that are on the National Register of Historic Places, this private 90-acre campus in Colorado Springs has a storied history with the Arts and Crafts movement, in particular with the ceramicist and potter Van Briggle.

When Colorado College approached ArtHouse Design to create a new system of signage and campus wayfinding, this history played a central role in the design direction and inspiration. ArtHouse designed signage and wayfinding elements that integrate steel rivets and strapping that evokes the simple forms and traditional techniques of the Arts and Crafts movement with the College’s iconic colors. This serves to create a unique identity that both visually unifies the campus and allows for students, faculty and visitors to navigate the campus with ease.