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Print and packaging design can be one of the most artful and impactful ways to develop and represent a brand, event or idea. A consumer’s interactions with the packaging surrounding a new product can define their relationship with the brand in just a few seconds. In much the same way, a potential client’s impression of a business depends heavily on the level of professionalism and brand message conveyed in printed collateral materials such as business cards and stationery. Despite the ever-increasing presence of technology in every day life, print and packaging design remains integral to the perception and marketing of a brand and can compel consumers to engage with a product.

The diverse backgrounds of the ArtHouse team facilitate the design of truly immaculate packaging that enhances the presentation of a product while conveying a brand message. Creating everything from business cards to custom shopping bags, ArtHouse demonstrates a refined ability to implement highly successful design for a broad variety of print and packaging applications.

Services Include:

  • Business Cards + Stationery
  • Poster Design
  • Marketing + Investor Books
  • Packaging Design
  • Point of Sale Marketing Collateral
  • Branded Merchandise + Collateral
  • Wayfinding + Informational Brochures 

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