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Sova on Grant

Sova on Grant is an upscale residential property with an alpine-contemporary flair in Denver's Uptown neighborhood with custom branding and signage by ArtHouse Design.


Denver, CO






Ad Light Group

ArtHouse worked with McWhinney to bring their latest project, Sova on Grant, to life. This twelve-story, upscale, residential property in Denver’s Uptown neighborhood is set apart by its alpine-contemporary flair. ArtHouse began by developing a name for the project that fit with the architectural experience, looking to the Swedish word for sleep and invoking Sweden’s outdoorsy culture and modern design aesthetics. This was then translated into an iconic logo imbued with cool blues and grays that provide a calming, relaxing feel, while maintaining the elegance of the property. ArtHouse then applied the new identity to custom signage, wayfinding and placemaking elements that rely on materiality to advance the brand narrative.

By employing tone on tone approaches in the signage, as well as using materials like walnut and glass, ArtHouse was able to add a layer of subtlety and sophistication to the design of the property that communicates the brand narrative and conveys the sense of relaxation the project team wanted for Sova. With amenities that focus on the urban locale of the property, such as a Sky Deck facing the Denver skyline, a hot tub and a golf simulator, Sova strikes a nuanced balance between its alpine inspiration and contemporary roots. ArtHouse treated each area with a custom solution including unique identifiers for ground-floor walk-up units, unit IDs with logos burned into wood and illumination that carries subtle elegance from day to night.