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1515 Flats

1515 Flats is a new apartment community in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. As one of the city’s first micro-housing complexes, it is intended to make a popular neighborhood more accessible to those with a smaller budget.


Denver, CO




063 Design & Development


DaVinci Sign Systems


2018 GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards, Award of Recognition

1515 Flats is ArtHouse’s first collaboration with 063 Design + Development, a firm that specializes in custom homes and mixed-use high-density projects with an atypical approach to their design philosophy. 063’s mission is to create bespoke spaces that honor Denver’s vibrant neighborhoods and to bring design diversity to fight monotony and uniformity.

ArtHouse was approached by the team to design signage, wayfinding, and graphics to help create a compelling sense of place. Following 063’s motto, the design is intended to break away from conventional housing projects and give the property a truly unique identity. The design focuses on natural elements such as water, minerals and fire to enliven and maximize the small community spaces while establishing a memorable wayfinding system.