Go-KartHouse Design

A couple of weeks ago, the ArtHouse team closed the office and spent an afternoon go-karting at Unser Karting for some high-speed, high-adrenaline team building. Everyone strapped on helmets, slipped into insulated onesies and got behind the wheel for a couple of hours of competitive racing, Mario Kart style spinouts and a championship, no-holds-barred lap to determine ArtHouse's three fastest (and best) drivers. Everyone had a blast revving the little go karts up to 40 miles per hour and trying to pass each other to get a leg up on the competition while whipping around tight curves and flooring it on the straightaways.

With 4 races under our belts (2 warm ups, 1 qualifier and 1 championship) Aaron, Anaïs and Zach came out as the top 3 racers (in that order). Everyone had a blast racing and even came up with catchy racer nicknames like Aaron the Baron, Zach Attack!, Anaïs the Beast, Death by Beth, Crazy Daizy and Speedy Bee. Nothing beats getting the blood pumping and letting out your inner Nascar driver on a Friday afternoon!