ArtHouse River Day 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we closed the office headed up to the mountains for our second annual day of river kayaking and team-building. As part of our effort to foster a close-knit team and healthy, Colorado-infused office culture everyone met up early Monday morning and drove to Rancho-Del-Rio, home to the Colorado River Center, where we rented kayaks and drove up-river to launch into the cool, blue waters of the Colorado River.

This being our second River Day, we decided to kayak the upper part of the river, accessible from the Pumphouse recreation area for a bit of a change of scenery and to try out a different set of bigger rapids than last year. With Colorado's signature bluebird skies overhead, the team navigated the Eye of the Needle and Yarmony rapids, while pausing for a dip in the well-known Radium Hot Springs, easily accessed off the bank of the river. Everyone enjoyed jumping from the hot springs into the cold river, while sipping on local craft beer and stopping on a quiet beach for a picnic. By the end of the day we had rafted 10 river miles and everyone was sun-kissed, tired and very happy.

With wildlife spottings along the way (including coyotes, mountain goats and bald eagles), everyone was reminded what an inspiring place Colorado is and how stimulating some fresh air and a change of pace can be. After such a fun day on the river as a team, everyone agrees that ArtHouse's strong sense of teamwork and collaboration has been successfully renewed for another year, with creativity and inspiration flowing.