ArtHouse River Day 2017

Last Friday we closed the office for the day and the ArtHouse Design team took to the Colorado River for a day of kayaking and team-building. Everyone met up bright and early to drive to Bond, Colorado where we rented our inflatable ducky kayaks and entered the river at Rancho-Del-Rio. The team floated, paddled and dodged rapids for about five hours, sipping beers and eating a picnic lunch on a beach along the way. The weather was beautiful, the river was cold and refreshing and the sun was warm. Beth taught everyone some key kayaking slang like eddie (where the current of the river changes your direction), "bouff-it" (when you deliberately hit a rock) and "dump-it" (when you fall out of your kayak) so that we could become true river rats.  It's always great to have an opportunity to get out and explore the beautiful state we all love so much and what better way to do that than by expanding our horizons and pushing ourselves as a team to enjoy a relaxing day on the river. It is so important for the creative processes and collaborative efforts that ArtHouse engages in on a daily basis to be able to get out of the office as a team and connect by enjoying some fresh mountain air.   arthouse-design-blog-river-day-teambuilding-5arthouse-design-blog-river-day-teambuilding-3arthouse-design-blog-river-day-teambuilding-2arthouse-design-blog-river-day-teambuilding-4