ArtHouse at the 2015 ISA Sign Expo

This year, ArtHouse Design had the opportunity to send two team members to the International Sign Association's 2015 Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada as part of the Hosted Buyers Delegation. This convention is one of the biggest in the sign industry. According to the International Sign Association, "The International Sign Association (ISA) is a 2,300-member trade association, the members of which are manufacturers, users and suppliers of on-premise signs and other visual communications products from the 50 United States and 54 countries around the world. ISA supports, promotes and improves the visual communications industry, which sustains the nation’s retail, distribution, service and manufacturing industries."

Zach and Megan had a great time learning about new materials and fabrication techniques, networking with their fellow delegates and meeting fabricators. For EGD professionals, the ISA Sign Expo is like Disneyland and is an invaluable resource that expands our library of constantly evolving technologies that make our industry so dynamic and interesting. 

During the Expo, the delegates were divided into teams and each team toured the exhibit hall meeting with a wide range of fabricators showing everything from LED filament light bulbs to heat applied vinyl that looks like paint. There were also several networking events in a host of Vegas' best venues, including the House of Blues, an ice bar and a burlesque show. Some of our favorite finds from the trade show include extremely shallow internally illuminated pan-channel letters, faux neon and a direct printed shimmering sequin wall. We can't wait to share what we learned with our team and clients for ongoing and future projects.

We can't wait for next year's show in Orlando - see you then.






Photo credit: ISA Sign Expo, Zach Kotel and Megan Charles