Designers & Models

A key part of the ArtHouse design process for any project is the modeling phase. We find that building custom models by hand is a helpful tool when it comes to conveying our design intent both to clients and fabricators, but also for us to better understand the massing and scale of a proposed design. One project that definitely required this key step has been our ongoing work for Boston Children's Hospital. For the last year, ArtHouse has been designing and carefully theming the elevator lobbies for a new 9-story tower that is being constructed as part of the BCH medical campus. The ArtHouse team has developed a thematic system of portals, with each floor conveying a different theme, building on the idea of micro to macro. Each level explores everything from the core of the earth to outer space and everything in between. An integral objective of this design challenge is to provide interactive and stimulating elements for each floor with cranks that turn, sound, interpretive elements and areas of discovery for all ages. As part of the design development for this project, Marty and the team felt like it would be helpful to build a scale, working model of one of these interactive portals, specifically from the outer space level to convey the concept and layering behind the design. Check out the images and video below for insight into this careful and detailed part of our process. Marty and Beth recently traveled to Boston to present the model and the fleshed out design concepts for each floor to gather feedback from the hospital staff, client team, architects and stakeholders involved in the project. The model was extremely well received (and even stayed in Boston as a gift to the project team and a tool for them to use while soliciting donations for the new facility). We are very excited about where this project is headed and can't wait to see the finished product. Stay tuned for more updates as this project progresses.   arthouse-design-blog-boston-childrens-hospital-model-process-2 arthouse-design-blog-boston-childrens-hospital-model-process-3 arthouse-design-blog-boston-childrens-hospital-model-process-4 arthouse-design-blog-boston-childrens-hospital-model-process-5 arthouse-design-blog-boston-childrens-hospital-model-process-6 arthouse-design-blog-boston-childrens-hospital-model-process-7