A is in the House

Anyone who has visited ArtHouse's office in Stapleton might notice a common trend. We seem to have a particular affinity for A's. No, not like Canadians do eh... We mean the letter itself, and you'll notice all kinds adorning our ArtHouse world. If you stop by the office you'll see sculptural A's, lighted A's, painted A's, metal A's and even a Lego A.

Our latest addition to the Amazing, Awesome, Amalgamation of A's is a piece created by our very own Marty Gregg, or more aptly, Arty Marty. Marty handmade the latest, elegant, lower case, macaroni and cheese colored addition to the collection and it is currently displayed prominently above our red concept wall. Even though it is perched overhead, it stands out among the exposed metallic pipes and beams and adds yet another pop of color to our already vibrant space.

Stop by our office and check out Marty's A in all of its chrysanthemum-colored glory.


A2 Sauce