Anaïs Mares

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Senior Designer

“Design is a very powerful communication tool that can change perspectives and improve understanding between people.”

Focused on building positive, effective relationships, Anaïs plays a key role as a lead designer and project manager to carry projects through from beginning to end. She enjoys the challenge of blending creative energy with technical components, such as location plans and design intent drawings, and is as intrigued by the design process as she is by the end result. Anaïs strives for balance through mindfulness, discipline and continuous self-improvement and produces strong, unique designs that are driven by their meaning. With a passion for storytelling, drawing and conceptual design, Anaïs favors the added dimension of experiential graphic design that creates memorable, immersive experiences for people. Experimenting with unconventional solutions, her approach to design is driven by clients’ business and project goals, as well as a deep understanding of their personality and environment. From her experience living all over the world, Anaïs has broadened her perspective on local and world history and politics and developed a strong desire to help people through design.

Anaïs studied at La Martinière Terreaux (now La Martinière-Diderot) in Lyon, France, where she earned an advanced degree in visual communications and graduated as the academy valedictorian. She is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA), Colorado chapter, and Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD).

To work with Anaïs and the ArtHouse design team, please call ArtHouse at 303.892.9816.