Wayfinding + Signage Design

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Wayfinding is something that people encounter on a near daily basis, often unaware of the complicated scientific and artful approach necessary to make it successful. The complexity of wayfinding is belied by its simple goal: to help people find where they are going and to easily navigate the appropriate route to get there. Brilliant wayfinding is memorable, engaging, acts as an extension of a brand and, most importantly, connects people to where they are. 

ArtHouse has extensive experience in wayfinding design with projects where effective wayfinding is not only important, but also plays a significant role in the safety, entertainment and functionality of a space. With a sizable range of wayfinding projects in ArtHouse Design’s portfolio, varying from large-scale projects such as hospitals and universities to smaller, more personal projects such as residences and parks, ArtHouse is truly a leader in this complex, multidisciplinary field.

Services Include:

  • Existing Wayfinding + Signage Assessment
  • Signage Design
  • Wayfinding Programs
  • Master Sign Plans
  • Maps + Interactive Kiosks
  • Monuments + Identity Signage
  • Municipal Wayfinding + Monumentation
  • Custom Signage + Wayfinding Systems

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