Guidelines + Standards

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Although sometimes highly complex and informational, comprehensive sign plans, signage guidelines and tenant guidelines are critical to the continuing standards of a property’s aesthetic and help to maintain adherence to the goals of a development and the integrity of both the architectural and signage design.

ArtHouse helps many of its clients create these guidelines for their own large-scale developments in order to ensure best practices are observed in the future and to guarantee adherence to appropriate civic, International Building Code (IBC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code as needed. ArtHouse has many years of expertise researching municipal code and coordinating compliance between stakeholders and urban communities. Additionally, ArtHouse has been a contributing member to several cities’ municipal sign codes, lending their expertise to guarantee a city, town or neighborhood maintains its unique identity throughout the development of future projects. ArtHouse also works to ensure that all of its designs meet a high level of compliance and standards for both the benefit of the client and future tenants.

Services Include:

  • Comprehensive Sign Plans
  • Tenant Guidelines
  • Signage Guidelines
  • Municipal + Stakeholder Coordination
  • Municipal Code Review
  • City District Guidelines
  • ADA + IBC Code Research + Compliance
  • Visibility + Impact Assessment

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