Construction Administration

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When designing signage and other environmental graphic design elements for the built environment, it is crucial that the design intent is carried through from conceptualization to the finished, fabricated product.

ArtHouse has worked with many different fabricators all over the U.S. and the world on hundreds of projects and has a deep understanding of the value of overseeing every step of the fabrication process. With this experience, ArtHouse has developed an elaborate, step-by-step approach to the construction administration process that includes fabricator bids, bid comparison, samples and prototype requests, shop drawing review, shop visits, approval of materials and samples, field verification of installation and a final punch walk to ensure that both the Client and ArtHouse Design’s standards are met.

Services Include:

  • Design Intent Drawings + Construction Documentation
  • Samples + Mockups
  • Fabricator Selection
  • Bid Review
  • Shop Drawing + Submittal Review
  • Shop Visits + Installation Management
  • Final Punch List + Walk Through

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