Brand, Web + Identity Design

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A well-crafted brand or logo immediately conjures a certain feeling or association and conveys quality, integrity and individuality. A color, a typeface and an icon can all work together or separately to embody different ideas, tastes and the essence of a business or product.

ArtHouse brings its clients’ visions to life with smart and creative communication and design that extracts the essence of a brand and imparts confidence and recognition. The design process at ArtHouse is extensive, incorporating research, many design options and rounds of revisions and production-ready file preparation. ArtHouse creates logos that get noticed, develop brand loyalty and drive sales. Over the years, ArtHouse has designed hundreds of identities and logos for technology companies, architecture studios, museums, residential communities, retail developments, restaurants, international corporations, hotels, civic and cultural institutions, cities and towns, businesses, distinctive products and even a rocket ship

Services Include:

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand + Logo Refresh
  • Brand Standards
  • Brand Application
  • Visual Positioning
  • Style Guides
  • Naming + Copywriting
  • City Branding

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