New Hire in the ArtHouse!

ArtHouse has added a team member to its arsenal of creative and talented—and, let's be honest, a bit eccentric—designers.

Beth Rosa couldn't get enough of school and graduated in August with her second degree: a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design (RMCAD). She was involved with several projects as an intern at ArtHouse and has proven her skills every mukluk-clad step of the way—despite telling us during her interview that her favorite things are hamburgers and nonsense.

Beth owns every season of Family Guy; loves to kick balls—soccer balls, that is; and has a borderline obsession with stickers. Ask her about that one time she was kicked out of King Soopers...

Don't be fooled by Beth's wackiness; this girl is for real. Come meet Beth and the rest of us at ArtHouse in our uptown Denver office at 19th and Sherman.