Denver Design Agency Is Celebrating 20 Years Of Creative Partnerships


ArtHouse Design Honors the Collaborative Relationships It Was Built Upon

DENVER, Colo.—Denver design agency ArtHouse Design is hosting a private 20th anniversary party at Fire Restaurant at the Art, a hotel, on Thursday, May 19, 2016, from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. The event brings together clients and collaborators, as well as competitors and fellow creatives from the local and national design communities, to join ArtHouse in celebrating 20 years of creative partnerships.

“The work we do is always better when we are partnering with the right people,” said ArtHouse Design Principal and Creative Director Marty Gregg. “It’s a great time to be a designer, and we are loving influencing the industry while being of service. This event is just our way of saying thanks to all of the people who have helped in our success.”

ArtHouse Design laid its foundation in Denver’s historic Larimer Square district in 1983 under the moniker Weber Design. In 1996, after seven years as Weber’s Senior Designer, Marty Gregg bought the company with little more than a sketchbook, a bank loan and his former business partner, Craig Rouse. But he also had a love for building things, from gadgets to rapport, and invaluable experience with running a business. Grateful for the guidance of then-owner Chris Weber, Marty smoothly transitioned their clients through the new ownership and renamed the company today’s recognizable brand.

Over the years, ArtHouse has left its artistic mark on dozens of businesses and places—from start-up brands to iconic landmarks—in Colorado and beyond. In particular, its leadership and expertise in environmental and experiential graphic design has played a key role in impacting some of Denver’s most recognizable attractions, including:

“We design everything from logos and websites to wayfinding and signage programs, and collaboration is an important part of our creative process. We want to pay tribute to the people and firms who help us solve design challenges, big and small,” said ArtHouse Design Studio Manager and Senior Designer Megan Charles. “I’m especially looking forward to reflecting on the firm that ArtHouse has become, honoring Marty and his legacy in the design community, and, honestly, just kicking up our heels on a beautiful roof deck overlooking the city.”

If ArtHouse’s weekly “team huddles” are any indication, this year’s 20th anniversary celebration is sure to be a fun night of laughter and memories. “We spend every Monday morning talking about the new restaurants we tried over the weekend,” said Gregg. “We love a delicious meal, well-crafted cocktail or rich glass of wine—especially if we’re enjoying them in good company.”

Ranked #5 among best new hotels in 2015 by USA Today, the Art is, appropriately, a modern architectural hospitality and event space with unique, multi-sensory installations featuring the works of Andy Warhol, Claus Oldenberg, Tracey Emin and Sol DeWitt. Interestingly, when the hotel came to Denver, it was going to be called “ArtHouse”, but the name was already taken.

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ArtHouse Design is a Denver-based, full-service design agency devoted to the creation of beautiful, thoughtful design. Nimble and versatile, ArtHouse has a wide range of expertise, from wayfinding and signage to branding and logos, from print and packaging to digital and web. Specializing in designing and shaping user-friendly, built environments, ArtHouse leads the experiential and environmental graphic design industry in art direction for placemaking, such as architecture and interior design. Principal and Creative Director Marty Gregg actively leads in the design community, serving as vice president for development at AIGA Colorado and president of the Community College of Denver’s design advisory board. Gregg is also a member of the advisory board to Colorado State University’s design department, serves on the Mayor’s Committee on Vital Signs for the City and County of Denver, and engages in speaking events across the country. At ArtHouse, Gregg leads a team of designers who creatively develop, enhance and reinvigorate brands while communicating their clients’ visions and goals. Maintaining the highest standards for both their work and relationships with clients, ArtHouse designers are constantly endeavoring to share their passion for design and to make it an enjoyable and fulfilling process along the way. For more information, visit

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