ArtHouse Celebrates 20 Years of Creative Partnerships

ArtHouse Design recently celebrated 20 years of creative partnerships with a private 20th anniversary party at Fire Restaurant at the Art, a hotel. The event brought together clients and collaborators, as well as competitors and fellow creatives from the local and national design communities for a night of drinks and hors d'oeuvres. Everyone who stopped by had a wonderful time on the patio, sipping drinks, nibbling on appetizers and chatting about the design industry and Denver's changing landscape. In recognition of the amazing work Marty has put into ArtHouse over the years, the team presented him with a framed copy of the event invitation and a toast in his honor. ArtHouse laid its foundation in Denver's historic Larimer Square district in 1983 under the moniker Weber Design. In 1996, after seven years as Weber's Senior Designer, Marty Gregg bought the company with little more than a sketchbook, a bank loan and his former business partner, Craig Rouse. But he also had a love for building things, from gadgets to rapport, and invaluable experience with running a business. Grateful for the guidance of then-owner Chris Weber, Marty and his team smoothly transitioned their clients through the new ownership and renamed the company today's recognizable brand. Over the years, ArtHouse has left its artistic mark on dozens of businesses and places—from start-up brands to iconic landmarks—in Colorado and beyond. We are so grateful to those who came by to support this milestone, as well as to those who have helped shape ArtHouse into a national leader in the field of design.   arthouse-design-blog-arthouse-20th-anniversary-party-3 arthouse-design-blog-arthouse-20th-anniversary-party- arthouse-design-blog-arthouse-20th-anniversary-party-6 arthouse-design-blog-arthouse-20th-anniversary-party-7 arthouse-design-blog-arthouse-20th-anniversary-party-5 arthouse-design-blog-arthouse-20th-anniversary-party-4 Photo Credit: Wes Butler