ArtHouse Attic: Gart Sports


In our second installment of the ArtHouse Attic series, we are featuring our work for the sporting goods giant Gart Sports. 

Gart Sports is a Denver institution (that has since become Sports Authority) and ArtHouse was involved from the very beginning with a custom identity, signage, wayfinding and store décor. From the logo to the interior and exterior signage, ArtHouse designed it all, bringing this brand to the forefront of its industry and cementing it in the minds of Coloradans and people across the country. Even though Gart Sports has since transitioned into Sports Authority, the iconic logo is still instantly recognizable and demonstrates the importance of creating timeless brands. 

It's fun to see how the trends of the 80's and 90's shaped the design for the in-store décor and signage and we think the retro feel is something fun we can all reminisce about. Stay tuned for the next installment of the ArtHouse Attic where we will continue to explore the colorful clients and projects that have made ArtHouse what it is today.


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