14th Street Featured on Stapleton Website

ArtHouse's work for the 14th Street Redevelopment was recently featured on the Stapleton Denver newsletter section of their website.

"In 1995 when the opening of Denver International Airport meant the closing of Stapleton International Airport,  Denver had the unique opportunity to transform 7.5 square miles of runways, concourses and terminals into a beautiful new community. It would be the largest urban in-fill redevelopment in the country and, to this day, one of the largest in-fill projects ever.

Two decades later, Stapleton stands as a model for urban redevelopment worldwide.

Buzzing with bike races, farmers markets and concerts in the park, Stapleton now thrives at a grassroots level thanks to residents and business owners each adding their own touch. It has become a place that’s far better than anyone could have planned.

Just 15 minutes from Downtown Denver and 20 minutes to Denver International Airport, Stapleton’s 4,700 acres will set a new standard for urban living: a new generation of neighborhoods that 30,000 Denver residents and 35,000 Colorado workers can call home."

14th Street on Stapleton Blog

Read the full story on the Stapleton Website.