At ArtHouse Design, we are specialists in designing and crafting a host of visual and graphics experiences. We have expertise in everything from wayfinding and signage to logos and packaging, and the varied backgrounds of our team serve to continually enrich the design process. With every project we bring enthusiasm, an interdisciplinary approach, ample talent and creativity, and a collaborative attitude that engages our clients and their goals.

With decades of experience, ArtHouse offers comprehensive and creative solutions, as well as an extensive list of services to ensure fresh, beautifully executed design from the conceptual phase to the final product.



Branding, Web + Identity Design

Crafting logos, visual vocabularies and websites that help promote brands, so they truly stand out in the marketplace.



Environmental Graphic Design

Design and placemaking for the built environment, connecting people to place; also known as Experiential Graphic Design.



Wayfinding + Signage Design

The artful, methodical approach to the systems that help you find your way in the world around you.



Print + Packaging

Designing 2-D marketing collateral and point-of-sale packaging that distinguishes and enhances brand appeal.



Construction Administration

Facilitating the construction and installation process to guarantee that the design intent is accomplished correctly and on time.



Guidelines + Standards

Creation of comprehensive sign plans and tenant and signage guidelines to ensure that future projects meet the same aesthetic and functional criteria.