The Kempe Foundation

The Kempe Foundation, named for Dr. C. Henry Kempe, is an influential non-profit organization that works to improve the prevention and recognition of child abuse, neglect and mistreatment. ArtHouse Design created multiple donor recognition installations, décor and an ADA-compliant signage program—all of which incorporate a kid-friendly feel to underscore the Foundation’s goal to make children feel welcome, supported and safe—for this admirable group. The donor recognition installations evoke celestial bodies to recognize the outstanding work toward realizing the Foundation’s mission done by the staff, donors and volunteers over the last 40 years. The bright color palette and use of icons such as puzzle pieces and planets, as well as the incorporation of photos of the children helped by the Foundation, underscore the importance of this work and help to emphasize the childhood-oriented approach to both the design and the efforts of the Kempe Center.


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