Evan Bethel

Evan Bethel

Senior Designer

“The overarching concept of design captivates me: how objects and images look and how people interact with them. Seeing people enjoy our work in different environments never gets old.”

Approaching design with a keen and open mind, Evan is known for generating a variety of options during the creative process just to start a conversation or spark an idea. He has a talent for reading between the lines to understand what clients need and translating that into thoughtful, meaningful designs that exceed their expectations—and imagination. With the technical knowledge of SketchUp, CADtools and print production, Evan also has natural and honed skills in art media, from painting, hand drawing and sketching to 35mm photography. He appreciates the vast inclusiveness and impact of typography—using design to direct your eye and convey a message by placing letters and words in different ways—and creating art with type. Whether it’s an architectural element or the shape of a logo, Evan blends reason with vision to help clients see the genius in the details.

Evan has won multiple distinctions for his design talents from GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards and HOW International Design Awards. Evan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design, with an emphasis in 3-D design and a minor in Photo Illustration, from Kent State University, nationally recognized for outstanding quality in design education. He is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA), Colorado chapter, and Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD).

To work with Evan and the ArtHouse design team, please call ArtHouse at 303.892.9816.