Anaïs Mares

Anaïs Mares

Senior Designer

Anaïs’ work is characterized by her proclivity for strategy and practicality, coupled with high creative inclination. This allows her to develop design solutions that are driven by thought and meaning and deliver memorable experiences for a wide range of audiences. Her fascination with perception, semiotics and cognitive theories allows her to imbue her work with a conceptually sound approach, rather than one driven purely by aesthetics. In her years working in Europe, North America and Australia, Anaïs has overseen and completed projects for print, digital and experiential applications.

At ArtHouse, Anaïs is able to use both her drawing skills and talent for strategy to provide thoughtful solutions for her clients’ diverse projects. As part of the ArtHouse Design team, she brings a fresh perspective and considered eye to every aspect of a project and is able to clearly visualize all of the many steps of the design process in an effective and organized way.

Anaïs holds a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur in Visual Communications from La Martinière Terraux in Lyon, France.

Apart form Anaïs’ love of drawing and illustration, she practices Taekwondo and Cello in her free time, both of which she relishes for their physical and spiritual qualities.